Spring Weather Essentials

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

The few weeks leading to summer are the most beautiful time for blooming flowers and budding romances. It’s cold enough for a gentleman to offer you his sweater on a date and warm enough for the sun to inspire your plants to unfurl. But even I know that spring days aren’t always as picturesque and romantic as I hope they’d be. I’m no fan of walking around all day with frizzy hair from all the rain and humidity, and definitely not fond of that foul fertilizer smell that lingers the city.

So I decided to put together a list of spring weather essentials that are key to enjoying the season no matter rain or shine. I guess there’s not much we can do to avoid that smell though…

Smashbox CC Cream: It has SPF 50 for sunny days during the next few months • Gingham shirt: I love the one from Gap because it’s light and crisp • T-Strap Sandals in tan: even better with a slight wedge • White Jeans: are just a must, no questions asked! • Rain bootsBarbour and Hunter make welllies in all colours to make gloomy days less gloomy • Shirt Dress: It works as both casual and conservative with the right accessories • Umbrella: Clear, scalloped, ruffled or striped, don’t be afraid to have yours stand out amongst a crowd of boring black ones.


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